24 OCTOBER 2019
  TIME: 11:30AM - 1:30PM

1332 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, California
  Please bring a plant for the plant exchange!



PAST MEETING SPEAKER: Film presentation of the documentary "THE COLLECTOR" a film by Maria Teresa Alvarado, introduced by Lynn Holley.

Lynn Holley introduced us to the film maker, Maria T. Alvarado, and introduced the film. It is a documentary about Donald Dreifuss, an artist and gardener living on a farm in New Hampshire. Maria visited Donald over a period of 18 months to gather the footage for this film.

THE COLLECTOR is a film about beauty, commitment and the cycle of life. Donald Dreifuss, the subject of THE COLLECTOR, is an avid horticulturalist, a goatherder and farmer, a man who raises hundreds of exotic birds, an artist and sculptor, an ardent collector of Asian artifacts and exotica, and a profound observer of nature.

Donald Dreifuss

Maria met Donald in the autumn of 2016, thanks to a mutual friend. His ever-changing environment of rare plants and birds is a living palette that provides him the most extraordinary range of tonal hue and expressive form, manifested in the canvas that is his farm in New Hampshire. His vision embraces everything within the landscape. Around him, a constantly changing tableau of plant and animal life expresses its beauty in fugitive moments of perfection, season by season, day by day. A curator of blossoms, succulents, goats, reptiles, emus and exotic birds, Dreifuss is also a painter whose work on canvas and paper informs the constantly evolving garden designs around his home.

In THE COLLECTOR, Maria is documenting these fugitive moments, to share the beauty of his work and his deep appreciation of the landscape as an evolving artform. Maria visited his farm in Unity, New Hampshire in all seasons over an 18 month period, to create this homage to his dedication to the profound beauty of nature.

The Collector, by Maria T Alvarado. Pre Production Teaser from Plus Green Media on Vimeo.

Plus Green Media, Maria's media business, has several videos on her vimeo page:

Submitted by
Ray Kolbe


The Horticulture Committee meets at 9 AM until noon, the first Monday of the month. This month, November 4th, the focus will be on succulents. Bring your cuttings to the meeting at the University Club to provide clones for our annual plant sale.

The committee meets at Erik's house at 526 W Victoria St Santa Barbara CA 93101. All club members welcome! See you there! For more information call Dan Chase at 805.699.1461 or call Erik at 805.705.5103

Submitted by
Dan Chase


Monarch butterflies wintering on eucalyptus



Ray Kolbe has continued to work on the Santa Monica Creek Trail beautification in Carpinteria. The goal of this project is to provide habitat for butterflies, bees, birds, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.

On Saturday, Sept 28, over 200 (California native) plants were brought to the trail to be planted. All but 30 have been planted so far.

In order to acquire funding for California native plant purchases, Ray has kicked off a Go Fund Me Campaign for this project. Please visit to read more and view the video.

Submitted by
Ray Kolbe

Butterfly and milkweed