24 August 2017
  TIME: 11:30AM - 1:30PM
  Meeting Place: University Club
Alumni Room
1332 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, California
  SPEAKER: Janet Reineck,
Topic: Rwanda: Rising from the Ashes.
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TOPIC: Slideshow of his recent visit to China.

After working through some technical glitches, Ray talked about his trip and presented slides on the three (group travel) destinations of Hangzhou, Wudang Mountains, and Beijing.He began by explaining that he went to China on a trip led by his wife, Jessica, who teaches Qigong and Tai Chi, and Solala Towler, a daoist scholar. His role was to document the trip with photos and video.

Thier first stop was Hangzhou, a city with a population of over 9 million. It is a beautiful city on the West Lake.

West Lake
Hangzhou from West Lake

In addition to the beautiful lake, they have many flowers and fantastic topiaries.

The group visited a tea farm, a slik museum, a night show on the lake, and a couple of temples.

The group then proceeded to Wudang Mountains where they spent the bulk of their time. They came to learn Tai Chi and Qigong from Master Zhou Jinbo. While there they visited many temples, drank tea at numerous tea houses and visited a cave-dwelling hermit.

Finally, they visited Beijing to see the Great Wall, the White Cloud Temple, and the Forbidden City/Tiananmen Square complex.

To learn more about this trip, visit the website:

Submitted by
Ray Kolbe


  • The club was informed of the passing of longtime member: Gordon Durenberger. Memorial service was to be held Friday the 18th of August at Saint Raphael's Church in Goleta located at 5444 Hollister Avenue at 3 o clock. Reception to follow.
  • Decision was made to allocate $300 towards material cost for a new Podium for the University Club in memory of our longtime Club secretary Gordon Durenberger
  • Treasurer's report submitted by treasure Ralph Olsen shows a Club balance of $9,026.76
  • Need for members only access on our website was discussed. Access to Club roster.
  • Next meeting on the 24th of August will at long last be held in the "Alumni Room" with the new doors that open out to the patio.
  • Our monthly Plant exchange will resume now that we have our new meeting room please be reminded to bring a plant to participate in the Plant Exchange. In addition table decorations will resume Robert Lynch providing the decorations.
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