No Formal Meeting this month



SBCC Garden Tour
10 November 2016
  TIME: 11:30AM - 1:30PM
  Meeting Place: Meet at the Lifescape Garden on East Campus, SBCC. Call Erik to RSVP.
    Park at the parking lot below campus at Pershing Park and walk up the flight of stairs. Robert wll be waiting at the main entrance to the garden where there is a stone fountain surrounded by stone seating in a circular shape.
    Lunch will be ordered (RSVP to Erik for lunch).



SPEAKER: Cecilia Villaseñor Johnson, President, Sun Pacific Solar Energy ( spoke to us about solar energy projects.

Cecilia has been president of Sun Pacific Solar Energy since 2007. She provided us with a slide show highlighting various solar energy projects that they have installed. She also gave us information regarding the quality of different solar panels, their features and their manufacturers.

Recently our club visited the new Pritzlaff Conservation Center at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. The solar installation at that site was designed and constructed by Sun Pacific. The installation is meant to supply the majority, if not all of the energy used at the new conservation center.

The installation consists of two types of panels. The ones that are visible, are over the patio.

Pritzloff Conservation Center Solar Panels

Notice how the light comes through these panels. These are Lumos Panels, and while they are not as efficient as the solid panels, they do provide both shelter and light, as well as energy.

Pritzloff Conservation Center Solar Panels

The rooftop of the Pritzloff Conservation Center is covered by SUNPOWER® panels.

Pritzloff Conservation Center Solar Panels

The Pritzloff Conservation Center was built after the Jesusita Fire demolished the Gaines House on the site where the Pritzloff Conservation Center now stands.

Cecilia then went on to show and describe numerous solar installations that Sun Pacific constructed. Some are connected to the grid, others are stand-alone. The stand-alone installations are perfect for remote locations such as remote water pumps, although they only pump when the sun shines, they typically have a storage facility for either the water that's being pumped, or the electricty in the form of batteries.

Sun Pacific projects include: Bishop Diego High School,

Bishop Diego High School

also multiple ground mountings,

Summerland Ground Mounted Panels

residential sites, spanish tile mountings,

Spanish Tile Mounted Solar Panels

and even solar panels that were mounted within a reservoir in order to protect from fires.

Water Reservoir Mounted Solar Array

Cecilia also explained some of the logic around solar panel installations, such as when the grid goes down, panels connected to the grid must also go offline in order to prevent potential injury to repairmen working on the grid.

Then she spoke about the quality of panels, with SUNPOWER® being the clearly superior panel, with the highest efficiency, and a 25-year warranty. These are the best-in-class panels both in terms of efficiency and durability. She also informed us of the increase in efficiency where the same size array from 30 years ago, generated 75 watts, it will now generate 360 watts.

Submitted by
Ray Kolbe


The Activity Day meeting of October 13th was a work party at Erik Thorlaksson's house.

Ten club members attended the work party and we repotted 220 starts for our garden sale. We also raised Hampton Bell's old greenhouse which Erik inherited.

Submitted by
Ray Kolbe


Erik informed us of

  • new management at San Marcos growers
  • he has applied for a Parks & Recreation Commissioner position. This commission has six positions, three of which are currently open.
  • plans to revive both the plant exchange and the table decorations at our monthly meetings.
Harrison Stroud informed us that the Lotusland Garden has been proclaimed the #1 garden in the nation by Better Homes & Gardens® and #4 by the Chelsea Flower Show Judges. He felt that it was time for us to tour the Lotusland Gardens again.

Submitted by
Ray Kolbe


The meeting date of the fourth Thursday is Thanksgiving Day this month. So there will be no meeting. We encourage members to participate in the Garden Tour of SBCC. Information is at the top of the COMPOST and R.S.V.P. is to Erik Thorlaksson at (805) 705-5103.

Submitted by
Ray Kolbe
Happy Thanksgiving